Hours & Rates

When you simply don’t have the time


Local Area Only:

Hourly Rates

Mon-Fri: 8AM-8PM $35/hour
                 8PM- 8AM $45/hour

Sat-Sun: 8AM-8PM $45/hour
                8PM-8AM $55/hour

Some discounts may apply to:
First Time Clients, Seniors and U.S. Veterans

*Small to medium packages/errands


*GoGetters is now offering FLAT RATE runs to/from Santa Barbara: 

North of Santa Barbara:
San Francisco, CA – $850
San Jose, CA – $750
San Luis Obispo, CA – $250
Santa Ynez, CA – $95

South of Santa Barbara:
Ventura, CA – $95
Camarillo, CA – $150
Los Angeles, CA – $250
Irvine, CA – $325
San Diego, CA – $550

For other cities and/or a free quote please contact us at (805)259-7903

*Overnight, weekends and holidays may require additional fees


Other rates:

We offer Special rates for:

Multiple scheduled runs

Contracted clients

For more information on Special rates contact us.

* These rates reflect errands from SMALL to MEDIUM packages and/or SMALL to MEDIUM errands. Size and rate is at the sole discretion of GoGetters. Rates for local area only: Santa Barbara, Goleta, Montecito. Minimum service is 1 hr. Time after the first hour will be charged in half hour increments. These rates may vary depending on the services requested, please call for a free consultation. Rates do not reflect any items and/or services purchased by GoGetters on behalf of client, these are the sole responsibility of the client. No products requiring Proof of age (alcohol, cigarettes, etc…) will be purchased. Holidays may require additional fees. Other restrictions may apply please contact GoGetters for more information.