About Us

Need some time to yourself?


     The idea for GoGetters began after suffering an injury at work. At first I was able to perform my duties, but after a while the pain became worse and it resulted in a surgery that left me bedridden for a few months. My wife took time off to help me the first couple of weeks post surgery but soon after she had to return to work. We had to ask for favors from our friends and family and although they were always willing and compassionate we didn’t want to burden them any more than we already had.

     GoGetters was established with the belief that everyone could use a hand now and then. Asking someone for a favor can sometimes be difficult and may not always be an option. Other times we just need someone to take care of the less urgent tasks in life. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help and hopefully take a load off your shoulders!

Top 5 Time Consuming Errands according to some of our clients:

1. Grocery Shopping
2. Laundry Services (Fluff, fold, iron & dry cleaning)
3. Post Office (standing in line ANYWHERE)
4. Pet care (Vet, walking, bathing)
5. Waiting for service personnel (Cable, gas, phone, repair person)



GoGetters helped me organize the complete move out of my home into a storage unit during remodeling. To begin with, they were on time. They always looked for the most cost effective way to fit my needs AND what is most rare nowadays, is their “completeness”. For example, during my move back home, they were helping me unpack and offered to wash the dishes before putting them away. The fact that they paid attention to details and cared about my needs convinced me to keep them as my go-to-guys/gals when I need something done.

-- Ricardo O.


"GoGetters turned out to be an outstanding small company. I needed assistance in March 2014 in removing my old California king bed and installing my new queen one. The new one had been delivered the day before but the company did not set it up. I contacted GoGetters and they took my old one to the dump--and charged me just the $7 that the dump charged them--and then returned to remove the bed (mattress, foundation and frame) from their packaging, set up the frame, put the foundation and mattress on it, show me how to lock and unlock the wheels, place it where I wanted, then cut up the boxes and place them outside for recycling.

The charge of $25 per hour per man (I had two men) and all of the work they did came to a mere $100. They were exactly on time, called before coming, and were efficient, hardworking, neat, polite, respectful, and thoroughly honest.

It is sadly rare these days to come across such incredible help for a reasonable price. I give them my highest recommendation. The best thing about them is their range of services. You can bet I will be using them again and again."

-- Lauren R.


"Luis Araiza and GoGetters has helped me focus on the big picture instead of being awash in the little tasks. Since I started using their service a year ago, I've had the peace of mind of knowing that my non-urgent but important tasks can get done while I can focus on what's important. The combination has allowed me to double the revenue of my business in just a year. I can't recommend GoGetters enough."

-- Andrew Le, Owner and President, Mintybit, Inc


"I have been so busy lately that I just cannot take care of everything. I spoke with Luis and he is so reliable and it is incredibly awesome to have someone just help take care of various time-consuming things. I am so happy I can have help when I have some errands (and not have to ask people for favors!!!) - I just call and know I can have some help. Super convenient and trustworthy. The best!"

-- Veronica K.


What I like most about GoGetters is its versatility. When I first contacted them I was looking for someone to help me move my preschool from one location to another. They were able to help with no complications. Presently, whenever I go out of town, I know I can count on their service with dog walking, house sitting, and feeding all our animals, including the ponies and chickens. They also babysit here and there. It’s nice to know I can trust them with my business and more importantly my family.

-- Anne W.